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Company Alpha Portas, s.r.o. (Ltd.)


The roots of our experience with door systems lie in the year 2005 when Michal Zapletal – today, our managing director – became an official dealer of Alpha Deuren International BV, the Dutch producer of industrial roller and high-speed doors. He founded a company which concentrated on selling products to trading and assembly companies as well as offering complete assembly and service work. As time passed, the product range of grew, adding Ferdinand Braselmann industrial rolling doors and Promstahl loading technology.


Over the years, Alpha Deuren International BV has grown greatly in importance and product range, nowadays offering a wide variety of industrial solutions. To strengthen its positon on the European market and – especially – the Czech market, Alfa Portas, s.r.o., (Ltd.) was founded. Having the exclusive privilege to offer the whole product range of Alpha Deuren International BV, we are among the most important sellers of complete door technology in the Czech Republic and are active on the Austrian market as well. There are many trading and mounting companies engaded in sale and assembly of door systems among our customers.


Reliability, teamwork, flexibility and respect towards people are the core values on which our company is based.

We look forward to hearing from you,
Team Alfa Portas, s.r.o.